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This happened awhile ago and i never added the story to my page listing examples of kids using guns defensively because i thought it was a really horrible DGU by a horribly trained kid whose parents probably had no clue about proper use of force or at least never bothered to pass the knowledge on. Apparently this author agrees:

I going to take some heat for this, but I reckon 11-year-old Chris Gaither (above) is an irresponsible gun owner. Before I make my case, a quick note to pedants: if you’re holding a gun and it isn’t illegal for you to do so, even if the firearm doesn’t belong to you, at that moment you “own it.” You are a gun owner. OK, so, young Master Gaither was at home alone in Talladega, Alabama when a burglar came calling. The UK’s Daily Star, of all things, tells the story with attaboy gusto . . .

Source: Chris Gaither: Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day? – The Truth About Guns

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