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[UPDATE: Be advised there is an issue with Ben Carson’s voter registration. As with Trump, he recently registered as Republican. However, it appears Carson converted to GOP due to Reagan and then got jaded with the establishment types so much that he registered for a minor third party which unfortunately has a few not-so-conservative elements to its platform. Mixed bag here to be sure, but my take is this was just a protest registration and he still appears to be a genuine conservative. At least he appears to have had no recent involvement with the Democratic Party. Frankly, if it were not for the fact that I ran for Central Committee several times (and may do so again), I would probably have quit the GOP as well.]

Recent comments by Ben Carson in favor of arming teachers have removed my concerns.

He is by far the most like-able GOP candidate, and you can tell he is a true conservative at heart, but some of the statements he made in the past, even recent past, indicated to me he did not actively train with firearms or at least did not have quality firearm training.  It was difficult to find any evidence he supported right to carry.  I had doubts he even understood what “semi-automatic” meant, or perhaps supported further regulation of the Glocks and 1911’s so popular for self-defense.  I suspected some of his experiences growing up and his focus as a physician on healing may have led him to ignore firearm training.  Despite these concerns, I decided to support him because he is the only real conservative outsider, an eligible natural born citizen with a chance at winning.

A couple of years ago, I offered him (via Twitter) a life membership at Front Sight, which if utilized would have avoided these gaffes.  It’s not likely he ever saw my offer but evidently he got training somewhere because he makes a lot more sense now.  Perhaps another member set him up or Front Sight’s founder gave him special access.

We all sounded dumb on guns, too willing to compromise, before getting trained.  The issues are complex and if you cannot make the time to train regularly in the use of firearms, you will not sufficiently advocate the use of them.  Now that the good doctor has evidently embarked on the requisite training, I am confident he will go on to win the Republican nomination and the presidency and he will be a super president for a nation much in need of healing.