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Morroans of all political stripes are shocked when they learn about Morro Bay Ordinance # 644, which requires that all guns at home in Morro Bay be locked up and unavailable for self-defense. Hardly anyone knows about this law, even though it was passed unanimously a year ago. When they learn about it, even non-gunowners recognize it is blatantly unconstitutional. This is especially so after the Supreme Court’s recent decision in NYSRPA v Bruen, which adopted a very strict standard for examining the constitutionality of gun regulations.

At left is a three-minute video of my call for immediate repeal of this unconstitutional Morro Bay ordinance. In it, I describe how I am training Morro Bay residents using the infamous red gun which has been discussed much of late.



Mayor – mer … Council – soviet … Staff – apparatchiki.
In the last century, 200 million people were killed by their own governments.
This Council has a lot of ideas on Guns. The Second Amendment is there to protect us from your ideas.
The Supreme Court held that gun regulations must be consistent with, or analogous to, this nation’s historical tradition of gun regulation from about 1791 (the Second Amendment), until about 1868 (the Fourteenth Amendment).
A year ago, this Council voted unanimously to pass Ordinance # 644, requiring that guns at home be locked up and unavailable for self-defense. There is no American historical tradition even remotely supporting this unconstitutional ordinance, and it must be repealed. If you do not take immediate steps to repeal it, the oath you took to defend our Constitution is meaningless.
In my campaign, I train voters on proper gun handling so they can see why your ideas are bad, and tell others.
Actually, a little training is required in order to get one of my yard signs. I am very strict about this, so every sign of mine that you see is a sign that someone has had at least a few minutes of my training on their porch or driveway, with a plastic red gun designed for use in public settings.
There is a lot packed into the five-minute training: the Four Basic Safety Rules, so students feel comfortable handling a gun; there must never be intent to kill, only intent to stop; handguns are ballistically deficient, hence the need for proper grip and modified weaver stance to maximize stopping power with higher caliber, controlled pair to center of mass; we also cover five-point draw. Several peace officers who put up signs told me they were trained to punch out from count 4 to count 5, and I suggested they instead slow themselves down, building isometric tension, so they have that, plus sight picture, dialed in on reaching count five. Few people have this type of training, and when they learn to draw and deliver a controlled pair at count 3 within one second flat, they understand the foolishness of locking up their guns.
The Supreme Court quoted Cooley: “The alternative to a standing army is ‘a well-regulated militia,’ but this cannot exist unless the people are trained to bearing arms.” We must have BOTH if we are to say NO to your ideas, in concert with our local sheriff.