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I share plenty of real stories on defensive gun use but for a break i am sharing this even though i know it’s fake as it’s a good read 😉

Chief of Police Matthew Collingsworth told local ABC affiliate reporters that approximately 117 individuals including shoppers and employees were inside the department store during Pierce’s shooting rampage and in his opinion, with the high capacity of the shooter’s weapon, Harris should be attributed with saving all 117-lives.Though according to Collingsworth, Lisa Harris saved the lives of over a hundred individuals, there has been controversy surrounding Harris’s decision to violate the department stores ‘no weapons’ policy. In the past, the store’s chief executive officer has been very vocal regarding his stance on gun violence and has deemed all 24 of the Bradford’s stores as ‘Gun Free Zones’. A representative from the store told reporters, “We offer our most sincere condolences for the incident our customer and employees endured this evening. We are grateful for the assistance provided by Mrs. Harris, however, once the dust settles, we may be required to pursue legal action regarding her violation of Bradford’s gun free zone policy. Tonight’s tragedy has reinforced our stance on gun violence and we will continue to lobby for stricter gun control within our great nation.”

Source: Woman With CWP Takes Down Department Store Shooter

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