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This video/article makes an excellent point. Families are losing ground to the cultural marxists because FAMILIES are not setting the terms of debate. (BTW, I happen to think an excellent way of doing that is with your estate plan.)

Last Friday, Obama’s cronies in the U.S. Department of Education and the Justice Department announced that every public school district in the country was now going to be required to allow either sex to use whatever bathroom they want to based on how they self-identify.

While the wording of the announcement did not expressly state that federal funds from school districts will be withheld if they don’t comply, it didn’t need to expressly say that because it clearly implied it. Chicago-style blackmail tactics are nothing new to the world of the evil Obama administration.

But there is a lesson here for Catholics, in particular Catholic bishops and priests. News of Obama’s latest outrage was broadcast all over the airwaves, on newspaper headlines, in social media blasts, etc. And once again, the agenda of evil is setting the terms of the debate and public discussion.  The headlines are dominated by the talking points that keep getting rolled out by the agents of Hell. And they have their desired effect. Because of the constant pounding and drum beating on this issue — an issue that, you will recall, almost no American had even thought about just two years ago — almost 40 percent of Americans now agree that anyone should be able to use any bathroom because they choose to identify as that sex.

Forty percent! Two out of every five — that according to the latest polling from Reuters. That’s what happens when you set the terms of the debate, set the topic, set the agenda. Eventually you win the discussion. It’s the oldest sociological relational trick in the book — which is why it’s such a mystery that Church leaders run away from it like scared children. Nobody wins when they are constantly on the defensive, when they are constantly re-acting as opposed to being pro-active. The surest way to lose the high ground, lose the discussion, lose the debate, is to let the enemy define it.

Source: Setting the Terms | The Vortex

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