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Urgent message for school shooters.So this is what they call common sense gun legislation? There has never been a recorded instance of a person licensed to carry a concealed handgun shooting up a school. Never. Ever. In fact, such licensees have cleaner records than the average peace officer.

Yet Governor Brown signed SB 707 today banning parents and teachers (and custodians, librarians, anyone unless expressly authorized by the anti-gun dunces in charge) from carrying a concealed firearm to school, even if they have such a license.  The law takes effect on January 1 and on that day our schools become potential killing fields.

Idiocy reigns because no one trains.

Says Brandon Combs of Firearms Policy Coalition:

It is unfortunate that the Governor has ignored the will of his constituents, common sense, and his own legal opinion. We will now focus on preparing the lawsuit we promised we would file against this unconstitutional law.

FPC will be filing suit against SB 707 based partly on Brown’s own legal opinion as AG agreeing with the Ninth Circuit’s holding that retired peace officers may not be given firearm possession rights superior to those of regular citizens.

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