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I had a similar situation in which the crazy Muslim guy I drew on outside my office kept advancing toward me (“suicide by cop” possibly, though I’ve never been a cop) as I withdrew and the way I stopped his advance was to STOP my withdrawal and improve my grip/stance/demeanor to appear more threatening, all while (ironically) shouting “I WITHDRAW” repeatedly. (Your mileage may vary.)

Not sure if the above video tells the whole story, but I think something like my solution might have saved a life.  If the cop had stood his ground and not fumbled around for a mag or whatever, the guy with the knife may have stayed away.  And when the guy gets too close per Tueller Drill, it is preferable to administer a double dose of lead at center of mass to stop him (a survivable wound in most urban settings), versus getting backed up into a corner and tripping and having to execute the perp with a fatal head shot or whatever was the case in this fatal 998.

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