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Mainstream media widely broadcast news today of a mass shooting at Ohio State, but it turns out the crazed “shooter” (who, it turns out, is a Somali refugee) attacked only with his car and a butcher knife. (ISIS recently called for random knife attacks.) Of course, the school bans guns and the police managed to catch a couple guys who, I am guessing, were probably armed for self-defense legally but against school regulations. If so, I hope they were truly active shooters (well-trained).

At an afternoon press conference, officials said there appeared to be only one attacker, who wielded a knife and a car during the attack –  countering earlier reports of a shooting involving multiple assailants.

The chaos started around 10am, when a fire alarm was pulled at Watts Hall, home to the chemical engineering department. As people were evacuating the building, a man driving  a silver car jumped the curb and mowed down the crowds of innocent bystanders.

The attacker then reportedly got out of the car and started stabbing and slashing victims with a butcher knife. A witness told CNN that the knife-wielding man remained silent throughout the attack but had a ‘crazed’ look on his face. An OSU police officer was on the scene within a minute and shot the attacker dead.

After the incident at Watts Hall, law enforcement investigated rumors of a possible second assailant holed up in a nearby parking garage. SWAT teams stormed the building just before 11am and minutes later two men, one black and one white, were led out in handcuffs. However, officials now say that they did not find any additional suspects in the garage.

Source: Ohio State University shooter dead and multiple people injured at Columbus campus | Daily Mail Online

Predictably, progressives used the machete attack to call for more gun control before all the facts were in. Why do they trust Somalis with machetes more than they trust me with a gun?

My **guess** (not many facts out yet) is that the two students holed up in the garage and briefly detained by police were probably carrying a firearm for self-defense but in violation of school regulations here which ban possession of firearms (as well as machetes, BTW). I don’t blame them. Do you? Use the facebook comment section below.

(E)  Dangerous weapons or devices.

Storage or possession of dangerous weapons, devices, or substances including, but not limited to, firearms, ammunition or fireworks, unless authorized by an appropriate university official or permitted by a university policy, even if otherwise permitted by law. Use or misuse of weapons, devices, or substances in a manner that causes or threatens serious harm to the safety or security of others.