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Avvo takes a strikingly binary view of a problem that is a lot more complicated than they let on: how to attract millennials as clients. People say I have a nice website, I’ve been ranked by Justia as the No. 6 lawyer in the US in terms of twitter followers, and my attire is pretty much dictated by Johnston, Murphy and the Brooks Brothers.

But the mission of my practice, focused as it is on family protection, and the guns necessary for that, seems to run counter to the worldview of millennials. [Pew: Millennials Atheist]



So I’ve decided to hit back in a very targeted way concerning an area of especial importance to millennials: SEX.

Any experienced estate planner will tell you that women are the primary drivers — the primary motivators — in the estate planning process, and for good reason. Men never think they will die, or perhaps think if they have an estate plan they will die quicker, and women are typically the survivors left to deal with the mess of substandard estate planning. Women stand to benefit the most from good planning for tax minimization, asset protection, etc.

Couple that with the surge in female gun ownership, mainly for protection reasons, and you can see there is new hope for using leverage against men who in the past might almost fraudulently saddle their wives with cheap and ineffective estate planning.

A lawyer’s website is most likely the place where Millennials draw conclusions about your level of professionalism. One Millennial I talked to said “I’ve dealt with attorneys with jeans and with suits. Really, I can’t say it doesn’t make a difference because it does with a judge. But if two attorneys had the exact same background but dressed differently, I won’t let that be a factor.” A lawyer’s website, however, is a different story for this Millennial: “You can have a casual appearance and still do a good job; but if a website is not professional, then I’d assume they don’t act professionally either.”

Source: Nice website or fancy suit? How to impress the Millennial legal consumer – Lawyernomics by Avvo