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David R. Duringer, Ranked #6 Lawyer in United States

David R. Duringer, Ranked #6 Lawyer in United States

Surprised to learn this, especially considering my follower count used to be a lot higher when i cast a wider net, before focusing efforts on my home state of California.

Add the fact that my twitter followers are something like 85-90% active/real instead of the less than 50% you normally see out there.

So I might have been as high as #4 on this list though can’t be sure since I just discovered the list.

Taking quality of followers into account (since mine are twice as active/real as the average profile), I should probably be at #3.

Source: Lawyer Legal Birds by Followers — List View – Justia Legal Birds

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David R. Duringer, JD, LL.M, is a concealed firearm instructor and tax lawyer specializing in business and estate planning; licensed to practice law in the states of California and Washington. He is managing shareholder at Protective Law Corporation, serving Southern California from its Laguna Hills (Orange County) headquarters and satellite offices in San Diego County (Coronado and Carlsbad).

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