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Stuff they don’t teach you at the Academy.

The safest way to secure a firearm in the bathroom is with the use of a barrel post. Some shooting ranges—including Gunsite—have these caliber-specific posts mounted on the restroom walls and they allow you to slide the gun into a safe position so you can perform your other routine without having to worry about your firearm. Barrel posts are simple and safe and more and more shooting ranges are installing them for the convenience of shooters, but it’s almost certain that you won’t find barrel posts in the restroom in your local grocery or clothing store. In that case, you’ll have to come up with an alternative.
There is a better option for securing the firearm in the bathroom, and that is to place the gun in your dropped pants. That’s a secure position and you’re almost certain not to forget it is there after you have completed your duty. In addition, the pants work well to hide the firearm from others who happen to glance under the stall to see if it is occupied. Again, be sure to place the firearm so that the barrel is pointed in a safe position.

Source: NRA Family | Concealed-Carry Safety…In the Bathroom

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