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Osama bin Laden’s will has just been declassified and we have it here. It’s pretty short, probably prepared on LegalKaboom, nothing specific about transmitting the firearm legacy, the wife-beating legacy, not even pilot lessons. Just an everyday one-page will disposing of 29 million dollars in Sudan with this proviso: “spend all the money that I have left in Sudan on Jihad, for the sake of Allah.” At least he included some values-based planning.

There are a number of other documents, released at the same time and available on the DNI website, which appear to constitute some sort of estate plan. I don’t have time to look through all of them, but the first one on custody of children is much longer than the will.

Osama bin Laden is himself a horror story. But why is his estate plan a horror story? Well, for one thing it was drafted in the nineties, no one knows exactly where that 29 million is (unless perhaps it is already being used for jihad), and think of all the family and friends no longer alive as time drones on.

But at least the Evil One left a will for his family. Have you?

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