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This website contains the complete research I conducted while writing a piece of investigative journalism titled “Safe Cracking Is Too Easy,” published in the September 2015, issue of American Shooting Journal. The piece exposed the design defects and security vulnerabilities of popular handgun safes. The article was first posted online at ASJ on July 21, 2015, under the title “It’s Too Easy To Crack Your Gun Safe.”  Months later, I wrote a follow-up piece titled “Lawfully Defective Gun Safes” for Ammoland Shooting Sports News.Most of the devices I’ve broken into are marketed as being approved by California’s DOJ, meaning the devices meet the criteria of what California statutes call a firearms safety device (FSD). The concept of an FSD is described in California’s Penal Code, Title 11, Division 5, Chapter 6, which describes two kinds of FSDs, gunlocks and lockboxes—or, as manufacturers market them, handgun safes. California DOJ approval of a lockbox implies the device is secure and appropriate for storing firearms. However, the evidence I’ve uncovered demonstrates quite the opposite. Approval by California’s DOJ does not mean a device is in any way appropriate for storing a firearm.—Dave Goetzinger

Source: Handgun Safe Research

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