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Fire at will:

guntrust.orgI am scheduling multiple private training classes throughout 2016 at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.  Unlike the regular classes, private training allows custom instruction according to skill level and multiple attempts at passing the skills test.  (This is how I finally passed Front Sight’s skill test after 13 years of failing it.)  Instead of 30 or so students in a regular class, it will be just me and four (4) guests.  I will try to schedule these at least once a quarter, perhaps a bit more often.

If you would like to be invited (no guarantees, as space is limited), please go to and register for a free membership on my website.  I also have other ways to get you out to Front Sight including vouchers for the regular classes you can either purchase or obtain free by attending our seminar; vouchers for private training you can purchase to organize a trip on your own schedule (perhaps by yourself for one-on-one training); and other training options that cannot be advertised.