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Anti-Trump protesters, please take note: Some Trump supporters are armed when they attend rallies, and some are less public about it than others. The California race is critical and there is a sense that things could get out of hand (even more than it already has) if both sides do not work to avoid escalation. Grassroots Trump supporters are training themselves on how to ignore taunts by the opposition and to de-escalate, but it would help if the opposition refrained from such provocation.


Dave Duringer is a Laguna Hills attorney with a concealed weapons permit. He shouldered a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag at the rally, wore a bulletproof vest and said he carried pepper spray as well as two pistols.

In a followup email conversation, Duringer wrote, “I would have been open-carrying (firearms visible) if it were still legal.”

Duringer said the previous week he attended a Costa Mesa Trump rally visited by gang members. “Given what happened, I think it is important to remind people how hot things can get because Mr. Trump is seeking real change. Gang bangers need to be warned, and ralliers need to be prepared.”

As a grass roots Trump organizer for two congressional districts, Duringer emphasized his points of view are his own and that he doesn’t speak for the campaign. He said he offers free handgun training at Trump phone call parties.

“This is gun safety training,” he emphasized, “which can only help them avoid accidents and avoid confrontation and teach them the importance of de-escalation.”

Source: Whiting: Will Anaheim try to scold Donald Trump? – The Orange County Register

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David R. Duringer, JD, LL.M, is a concealed firearm instructor and tax lawyer specializing in business and estate planning; licensed to practice law in the states of California and Washington. He is managing shareholder at Protective Law Corporation, serving Southern California from its Laguna Hills (Orange County) headquarters and a satellite office in Coronado (San Diego County).

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