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Robert Farago over at TTAG asks whether Ted Cruz is correct in asserting this:

United States – ( Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz recently told a rally that rape soared in Australia after gun confiscation. The anti-gun left jumped into full swing to discredit this candidate’s comments. I read some of the most bizarre and inventive discussions asRead More

Source: Ted Cruz: Australian Gun Confiscation Led to a Rise in Rape. True Story? – The Truth About Guns

Farago’s article was criticized in the comments for including the following graphs, one with raw rape numbers, the other with a rate per 100,000 of population:

My first reaction was the same. However, if you check Australia’s population over the period 1995 to 2007, it only increased about 15%:

So the statement of Ted Cruz holds up.

But see:

[Another commented that rapes have recently dropped back down, but that is irrelevant to the veracity of the statement of Cruz and the drop could well have been accomplished through increased police protection perhaps, as in Britain, or more likely, was because the number of guns in Australia has already bounced back to where it was before the confiscation. What a waste!]

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