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Today the Trump campaign filed its delegate list with California’s Secretary of State, as required under CEC 6461. Mr Trump’s recent rise in the polls apparently led some in the campaign to shift focus toward the general election, opting mostly for delegates able to provide major funding and/or political endorsement rather than the grassroots volunteers hopeful of serving.

All Trump delegates for California have been vetted.Though Mr Trump is still not certain to attain the required 1237 delegates; diehard #NeverTrump types like Glenn Beck continue to call for a contested convention; and many grassroots volunteers who have worked hard to ensure victory for Mr Trump are concerned about the Cruz connections of many of the delegates listed — even of the campaign director, Tim S Clark, himself — Mr Clark’s organization insists all delegates listed have been “vetted” thoroughly (including, one supposes, Mark Vafiades who also made the Cruz delegate list).

Here are the chosen delegates (three from each congressional district, plus ten at large):

53         Jeffrey Anderson

53         Todd Sobol

53         Kendall De Pascal

52         Donna Woodrum

52         Papa Doug Manchester

52         John Woodrum

51         Gina Loudon

51         John Loudon

51         Robert Maupin

50         Joel Anderson

50         Duncan Hunter

50         Louis Russo

49         Darrell Issa

49         Linda Alvarez

49         Vera John

48         Tirso Del Junco

48         James Silva

48         Mary Young

47         Margo Lynch

47         Joy Neugebauer

47         Marilyn Barke

46         Deanne Tate-Johnson

46         Vincent Monaco

46         KV Kumar

45         Jennifer Beall

45         Dean Stoecker

45         Donna Porter

44         Kristin Hetzer

44         Chad King

44         Charles Moran

43         Jason Wilkins

43         Marco Leal

43         James Reed

42         Michael Garrison

42         Frank Prainito

42         Marion Ashley

41         Tracy Bennett

41         Ben Clymer Jr.

41         Marc Troast

40         Reggie De Buhr

40         Mario Guerra

40         Michael Simpfenderfer

39         Grace Hagman

39         Robert Pacheco

39         Geraldine Wong-Kleinpell

38         Adam Miller

38         Robert Lopez

38         Robert Arthur

37         Johnnie Morgan

37         Yolanda Diaz

37         Glen Ratcliff

36         Gina Nestande

36         Nachhattar Chandi

36         Erbil Gunasti

35         Guy St. Onge

35         Marion Bejarano

35         Dorothy Pineda

34         Joel Trockman

34         William Johnson

34         Alyssa Nicole Selogie

33         Arun Bhumitra

33         Carla Sands

33         Noel Hentschel

32         Lois Shade

32         Oscar Charles Rodriguez

32         Alcira Deborah Gardner

31         Michael Rademaker

31         Ted Dutton

31         Andrea Dutton

30         Celeste Greig

30         Felicia Tweedy

30         Jon Harrison

29         Galen Senogles

29         Sebastian Sonny Sardo

29         Cathleen Rowland – Senogles

28         Howard Hakes

28         Mark Vafiades

28         Mary Flynn

27         Shirley Husar

27         Donna Lowe

27         Sophie Wong

26         Michael Osborn

26         Frank Visco

26         Pete Petrovich

25         Steve Ward

25         Morris Thomas

25         Angela Underwood Jacobs

24         Mary Jordan

24         Michael Stoker

24         Etta Waterfield

23         Kevin McCarthy

23         Jacob Lopez

23         Jeannie Fuller

22         Bob Smittcamp

22         Michael Der Manouel

22         Tom Fife

21         Aubrey Bettencourt

21         Kelley William Bourdeau

21         Vernon Costa

20         Linda Gesicki

20         Robert Bernosky

20         Brandon Gesicki

19         Danean Smith

19         Clifford Jeffrey Stanley

19         Jim Di Vittorio

18         Boyd Smith

18         Lawrence Bowman

18         Annette Smittcamp

17         Jayne Ham

17         Laura Riffle

17         Luis Buhler

16         Jeffery Christensen

16         Frederick Fagundes

16         Brittanni Shollenbarger

15         Kenneth Yale

15         Eliezer Manalili

15         Alison Hayden

14         Charles Mc Dougald

14         Corrin Rankin

14         Rene Pineda

13         Natalie Davis

13         Claire Chiara

13         Roseann Slonsky-Breault

12         Scott Robertson

12         Sarvjit Randhawa

12         Peter Thiel

11         Janet Cordova

11         Steven Lucas

11         Ed Hearst

10         Jim Vieira

10         Barbara Jensen

10         Bret De St. Jeor

9            West Walker

9            Antonio Amador

9            Carol Hadley

8            Jay Obernolte

8            Heather Obernolte

8            Lori Ann Hitt

7            Megan Vincent

7            Ed Marszal

7            Elizabeth Emken

6            Julie LaGrande

6            Angelica Gonzalez

6            Doug Ose

5            Joyce Kastner

5            Harold Wright

5            Andre Feliz

4            Dennis Revell

4            Sandy Malaney

4            Matt Harmon

3            Kim Dolbow-Vann

3            Sarbjit Takhar

3            Martin Emigh

2            Kimberly Davis

2            Karen Molden

2            Heather Flick

1            Nina Salarno Ashford

1            Josh Cook

1            Deborah Wilder

0            David Horowitz

0            Felix Veiga

0            Richard Grenell

0            Laine Lansing

0            Daphne Barak

0            Tim Clark

0            Harmeet Dhillon

0            James Lacy

0            Gregory Lansing

0            Anthony Strickland

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