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This is a good example of lack of training on the part of both active shooter and the media. Aspiring mass shooter who lacked training (typical for criminals) tries to shoot up workplace but lacks training to clear malfunction quickly. Journalist who lacks training calls this a “jam” instead of what it is, a simple malfunction (shooter went on to shoot multiple times in parking lot, missing the employees of course). A “jam” requires a gunsmith, but a common malfunction is easy to clear and you can learn how at our free dry practice sessions.

His gun jammed, Aldrich said. He then tried to fire again – his gun jammed once more. At this point, employees were fleeing through the building to the front, trying to get back to their cars.

Cameau reportedly chased them and on his third attempt fired the gun. He shot multiple times but missed the employees, striking only cars.

Source: Deputies: Tragedy averted after attempted mass shooter’s gun jams |

In a mass shooting, the mass shooter has time to make all sorts of mistakes as fish in the barrel panic. Training is more critical for the fish in the barrel.

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