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Fire at will:

Does anyone take this guy seriously? Everyone out there with a phone that uses thumbprint for access knows the technology is not anywhere near perfect, and when you are in a hurry (like in a gun fight) it is far less than perfect. Then you have to remember that damn backup code.

The ignorance/dishonesty (with Biden, hard to say exactly which) exhibited in the video above harkens back to the “buy a shotgun” advice he gave to women considering an AR15:

Just last weekend I took my wife and daughter out to Front Sight for private training where they shot their AR15’s for the first time. As I expected, they were surprised how easy the AR15’s were — light guns with very little recoil. What I didn’t expect is they actually preferred the AR15’s over pistols!

Shotguns are much more punishing and are designed specifically to make women hate guns.

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