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I don’t support Donald Trump — I merely accept him. I accept him as the inevitable result of my fellow conservatives’ blissful ignorance of the natural born citizen clause in our Constitution, which you can read all about on my World Examiner blog here. My man is Carson, but at this point I’m just hoping Trump will announce him as his choice for VP (loudly, so Carson doesn’t zone out and forget to walk on stage).

Trump is necessary for a GOP “win” because 30% of the GOP doubts the eligibility of Cruz, whom we ironically consider to be an originalist despite his recent claim that his eligibility is “settled law” with no remaining legal question, though earlier he refused to say he is eligible when given that opportunity.

The trouble with Trump, of course, is no one can really trust he will do what he says he is going to do because his money and his positions have been all over the place. I blame my fellow conservatives in BOTH establishments — the RINO nomenclatura governing the party as well as the “tea party establishment” — who supported Cruz and Rubio (early on, in the case of Cruz), ridiculed anyone who cares about eligibility as “birthers” and completely shut down any discussion of the issue. Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal — all ineligible — sucked support from eligible conservatives and this is why there is now no eligible alternative to Trump. [Theories differ in detail (though they pretty much all agree that these guys are ineligible); in my case, I do not think place of birth is even relevant yet I reach the same result.]

Conservatives weren’t fired — they quit.

Here are the questions they should have asked Cruz:

elian cruz

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