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During prohibition in the US, the SS Monte Carlo sat in international waters to allow gamblers, drinkers and revellers to indulge their vices

Source: Wreck of notorious gambling and prostitution ship lost at sea in 1936 is revealed by violent El Nino storms – Mirror Online

To anyone that grew up in Coronado, it is odd to see this story getting so much world-wide press. The “cement ship” or “casino ship” as we used to call it would emerge every few years and practically always some portion of it was visible. We climbed around on it all the time. Once I remember tying up to it an unpleasant smelling buffalo bone I retrieved on a scout trip to Catalina, hoping the sea action would cleanse it — didn’t work.

Reflecting more on this, I guess the ship is sort of a libertarian icon, or depending on your views, at least a symbol that the effectiveness of positive law is limited — though moorless libertarianism eventually runs aground on the shoals of atheism.

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