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PAHRUMP, NV — Halfway through a two-day private training session with instructor Matt Jeng at Front Sight, here are my notes from Day 1 (see also Day 2):

  • Finger on trigger at Count 4, slack out beginning ~ Count 4.5 (when you can see sights)
  • Thumbs relaxed to avoid fist clench, prevent squeeze
  • Thumbs high even on glock (released slide on empty)
  • Thumbs high mainly about relaxation so no fist to interfere w/trigger
  • Smooth press on trigger, constant pressure not too much
  • Constant pressure & constant isometric tension
  • Close non-dominant eye—both eyes open maybe if multiple attacker (better depth perception of closest threat, also eye gets tired) but usually not civilians, only operators
  • Count 4—support hand slides to meet, not in front of body
  • Height of support hand depends on holster height, barrel length
  • No leading with support hand, only firing hand
  • No serpentine motion, straight out
  • If blade too deep gun points off to right
  • Instead of relying on deep blade to absorb recoil with back foot, use body to absorb recoil
  • Shallow stance 30 degrees, Lean forward slightly, on balls of feet, even pressure both sides
  • Too deep blade reduces lateral movement flexibility
  • Maintain blade stance even if step to side
  • Initially check count 3 for barrel point to target
  • Thumb & stock against ribs for physical index
  • Women—15 degree blade & lower support hand so firing hand does not have to maneuver around breasts
  • Recommended practicing with full-size steel 1911’s—eg, springfield TRP, colt 1911, rock island (made in Pahrump)–as aluminum frames may develop hairline cracks–can still carry aluminum and shorter barrel though suggested 4″ commander over my 3″ officer for longer site radius (see misalignment drill below)
  • Except while driving (center console or cross draw), recommends carry iWB at 4:30 or 5:00—not 3:00 or 4:00 (possible nerve damage) [not sure if i buy this one, been carrying at 3 or 4 for a dozen or more years]
  • Recommended IWB holsters: crossbreed or aliengear
  • Time to target (slack out, pointed in from holster) achieved: 0.5 seconds (key factors helping: physical index & slide support hand)
  • No chicken wing—arm against side (part of physical index)
  • Use thumb to find IWB holster concealed at 4:30
  • Shoulder holster—cannot practice on range—support hand behind head to raise brachial artery above gun then down, 3-4-5.
  • Count 3—need to drop elbow & shoulder to get pointed in—not just wrist—simply returning shoulder to where it was before count 2 (natural rest).
  • Natural point of aim—legally blind lady, 40’s, white cane, student at Front Sight, could see only shapes, consistently shot at 3, 5 , 7 yds. Made 50% of shots at 10-15 yds. Sound, etc.
  • Even shooters at top of game should dry practice at six million dollar man speed.
  • Dixie cup drill—tape bottom & stick to wall, thoracic level, point into the cup
  • Mashing not because of recoil but pushing & squeezing
  • Site misalignment drill—demonstrates how “forgiving” gun is given site radius—left, right, top, bottom—force extreme misalignment—4” within thoracic at 5 yds but not 3”
  • Eyes-off drill—dry practice—step back more and more—stance matters—shallow blade (deep—right and low)
  • Don’t change head positon—changes how see sights—bring gun to line of sight.

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