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Below are a few notes from Day 2 of my recent private training — didn’t cover quite as much as Day 1 as I needed to get on the road about noon (one of the perqs of private training is you can set your own schedule):

  • Shoulder straight down on Count 3—no leaning back or to side
  • Lower thumb joint hurting from recoil—recoil should be absorbed by web, not thumb joint—rotate grip, but then enough trigger finger? Two solutions, preferably both: install (after fitting to gun) shorter trigger, and install thinner grip panels than current rosewood—need aluminum or composite for thinness—check VZ Grips)
  • Gun in line with forearm
  • Main reason 1911 best trigger in world: only one that slides rather than pivots
  • Trigger finger ok if no side to side movement of front sight
  • Calling your shots drill—dry and live—based on position of front sight
  • Helps to open firing eye wide open
  • “Coach’s Eye” android app—replay draw in slow mo
  • Count 3—force elbow and shoulder down sooner to get hands together sooner
  • Shoulder down so gun level—hands come together @slide ONLY if gun level
  • If gun is up at Count 4, hands together in front, casting motion
  • Casting or bowling adds variance up or down, high or low
  • Point shooting (3 to 5 yds) relies COMPLETELY on muscle memory (eg, mashing, wrist angleàleft)
  • As support hand slides, support elbow also slides in—this keeps gun straight—gun goes to left if support elbow does not slide to right

front sight trained

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