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If you’ve followed my posts going back to the Orange Revolution or even during the recent Russian invasion, you know that I was quite active posting in support of independence and against the invasion. I admired Praviy Sektor and their support for the right to bear arms and a path of neutrality for Ukraine, and their willingness to work alongside the EU-supporting government, but then completely lost interest in blogging support when Ukraine cracked down on Praviy Sektor and went all in with EU, which is fast becoming a basket case itself. My wife, whose family still lives in Eastern Ukraine, agrees. Ukraine cannot be independent unless it fully embraces the militia ethic. EU and NATO will not be there for Ukraine any more than the US has, so hopefully Trump will steer Ukraine toward the militia ethic, the only path for independence. As Madison’s famous formula laid out in Federalist Paper #46, a people trained to arms can overpower any standing army.

As for Ukraine, which lost its Crimea region to Russian annexation in 2014 and is still fighting Russian-backed separatists in its east, Kissinger argued that it shouldn’t be invited to join the West outright. “Ukraine needs to be embedded in the structure of European and international security architecture in such a way that it serves as a bridge between Russia and the West, rather than as an outpost of either side,” he said.

Source: Kissinger, a longtime Putin confidant, sidles up to Trump – POLITICO