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[UPDATE: If I’d have held off on posting a bit, the title might have been “Cops Kill 19 Kids and 3 Adults in Uvalde, TX”. So much info has come out putting cops in a bad light here, preventing not just parents entering but even preventing a border patrol tac team from entering for a full hour after they arrived. Third adult death was the husband of the killed teacher (heart attack two days later). Now I hear that Uvalde PD has stopped cooperating with state investigation. What a mess. Didn’t active shooter policies change after Columbine, to engage immediately? The vast majority of gunshot wounds are survivable with prompt trauma care. Cops just let these poor kids bleed to death. And some of those kids were kids of local cops. “I was just following orders” cannot be a defense here. This was a crime against humanity and must be investigated thoroughly.]

Yesterday’s mass shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas, was as shocking as it was predictable.

Leftist bozos from Beto to Biden immediately gathered the young grist for grinding in their propaganda mill. The alacrity and celerity in doing so while the families are still in shock is also shocking. So a response is necessary.

John Lott points out here that the school’s regs fail to expressly allow its teachers to be armed. Unless there is some other written authorization by the school independent of its regs, then under Texas law teachers (and staff) could not carry at that school. The same article by Dr Lott reminds us that mass shooters seek out targets where victims are disarmed (i.e., CCW restricted). The recent shooter in Buffalo, New York, even admitted in writing to such targeting.

Why did these parents send their kids to a school that failed to require teachers and staff to be armed?

For the same reason these parents waited almost two hours for police to enter, instead of rushing in themselves.

They trusted the government.