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“I actually saw the little boy fly through the air. It sounded like somebody hit a garbage can,” Danielle Lester said by phone Tuesday.

Danielle Lester ran over and stood in front of the car to keep Gunnarson from leaving.

“He was revving his engine and bumping against me,” Danielle Lester said.

As she told the Gunnarson “No, I’m not going anywhere,” Michael Lester saw what was happening and ran over to help. At the same time another neighbor, Kenneth Hines came over to stop Gunnarson from running away.

“It took a second for him to stop revving his engine and then he tried to bail,” Danielle Lester said.

Hines told KING 5 News in an interview he heard a screech then saw “candy going all over the place” before hearing another screech and a woman screaming.

“I knew something had to be wrong,” Hines told the Seattle television station.

Hines, who was carrying a gun, used it to keep Gunnarson from running.

“I basically did a citizen’s arrest,” he told KING.

Source: Tacoma man holds driver at gunpoint after 7-year-old boy hit by car | The News Tribune