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Seems like just about every college has gone full marxist these days, and as a conservative I bristle at the idea that families really need those loons. This article makes a pretty good case that we all benefit from an academia attentive to Family Business. Perhaps the marxists are aiming to prevent this cooperation; certainly, that would be in line with all of the other attacks on Family.

For too long, family business was not only off the radar of graduate schools of business around the world, but also dismissed as something “lesser than” the assumed “big business” management issues that were the bailiwick and future careers of business school students. All that started changing in the 1980s and ’90s. Today, business schools are launching, growing, and considering family business as a major subject of study for their students and for the communities where they work. At some schools, things are taking off fast as they move into the next level.

Source: A Bridge Too Far?