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Acknowledging “momentum” behind a proposal that would allow people with concealed-weapons licenses to openly carry guns, the Florida Police Chiefs

Source: Florida Police Chiefs Will Back Revised Open-Carry Bill | WLRN

As I’ve said for a long time (coined this phrase years ago while running for local GOP Central Committee):

“Open carry is ultrasound for the Second Amendment.”

Only open carry deters the attack from happening in the first place (saving you from injury or worse). Only open carry educates your neighbors about carry. Only open carry makes you accountable for carrying when you otherwise might fail to carry concealed despite having a permit due to issues of comfort, convenience, hot weather, or your own predilection for predicting when and where a criminal attack will occur.

Obviously, concealed carry is tactically superior if attacked. But while open carrying you can also carry a back up gun (BUG) concealed.


If attacked, do you want to be Victor or Victim?
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