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Sometimes you might be able to identify a suicide bomber before he detonates.  Here’s what to look for:

–          Clothing that is bulky or excessive for the weather (to hide the bomb)

–          Hands hidden (possibly holding the switch to detonate the bomb)

–          A strange chemical odor or excessive cologne to cover up that smell

–          The bomber focused, but unresponsive.  Suicide bombers often have the “1000 yard stare” and are usually  unresponsive to  questions or commands

–          Heavy luggage or backpacks that don’t fit the situation.  The average weight of a bomb used by a suicide bomber is around 20 lbs. The Madrid train bombers all had very heavy backpacks.  The Moscow bomber placed his bomb in a rolling suitcase.  Not all the bombers wear their bombs.

–          Nervousness, excessive sweating, or repeated mumbling of a prayer or mantra

–          Exposed wires anywhere on a person’s body

–          Repeated attempts to avoid security checkpoints and/or police officers

Source: Armed Citizen Response to the Terrorist Bomber | Active Response Training