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About 2,500 years ago, the coolest kids wanted to be either generals or philosophers – or both – like Sun Tzu.  That’s when Sun Tzu wrote his famous book of strategy, The Art of War.You may know that the book and its timeless lessons have been studied at West Point. However, you may be unaware that many smaller and underfunded forces throughout history have relied on the principles of The Art of War to defeat larger, better funded opposing forces.  This is analogous to today’s relatively underfunded taxpayers doing battle against better financed state and federal taxing authorities.Today, all the cool kids want to grow up to be estate planners.  So if Sun Tzu were alive today, he would undoubtedly author The Art of Estate Planning.  Instead, this article will review the chapters of The Art of War and apply Sun Tzu’s strategies to the world of estate planning.  If you are or were a cool kid, sit back and enjoy the following chapter summaries of The Art of Estate Planning.

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