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President Trump, in a speech before CPAC today, called for arming teachers with concealed carry permits to effectively protect the kids in their charge.

Partly because of the glaring errors at all levels of law enforcement concerning the recent Valentine’s Day massacre at the school in Parkland, Florida, from the armed-but-cowardly deputized piece of shit that stood by outside while students were shot to pieces, to the much vaunted FBI that missed dozens of warning signs, arming teachers has emerged as the logical choice in avoiding or at least limiting the carnage from school shootings. [UPDATE: Not one, but FOUR deputies hid behind cars while the carnage took place.]

I’m glad Trump called out the deputy for his cowardice, and drew the contrasting example of teachers who love the kids in their classrooms.

This is all really great, and it’s hard to be critical of Trump, who has turned out to be far more conservative and stronger on the Second Amendment than any of us really expected, but i am a bit concerned about the low percentage he gave (10% or 20%) of teachers who would be armed. Maybe it is smart politics to say that, make it sound like there will be just a few guns out there, but in a mass shooting seconds count and there really needs to be a gun in EVERY classroom accessible to the teacher in that classroom. For teachers with less training, that may be a safe that unlocks with their fingerprints. For teachers trained in weapon retention, carry on the person would be best. Either way, the gun would be accessible to save lives in those precious few seconds. No need to depend on the putative bravery of someone else who is minutes away when seconds count. Teachers unwilling to get any sort of training in arms should be summarily FIRED.

Most important of all, armed teachers will be a great example to students of the militia character required of true Americans.

It is easy to pin blame on the cowardly deputy, as we should. His fraud cost kids their lives and he should fry for that. Can we also blame the FBI and local law enforcement for their mistakes? Yes of course, and we should look at ways to reduce the chance of those mistakes. The greatest sin of law enforcement is the fraud they engage in every day, much like the piece of shit deputy, that says “We’re the only ones who can protect your kids.” You see this fraud in countless “active shooter” (mass killer) videos and classes that always fail to mention concealed carry as an option. For the sake of our children, we need to stop buying into this fraud that we should rely on protection by police as first responders. We definitely need a professional police force for investigation and arrest functions. But if you rely on them for defense, you may just find yourself in a local police report and an FBI statistic.

As parents, we alone are responsible when we place our kids in the care of adults who lack the ability to protect them.

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