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My 1990 500SL would be in good company with some of these on the lower end.

“Modern classics continue to be the hot topic that enthusiasts are talking about, not least because they are exciting new additions to sale catalogs,” said Alain Squindo, the chief operating officer of RM Sotheby’s. “While ‘50s and ‘60s cars once dominated auction offerings, we’re seeing greater diversity and a growing number of vehicles from later eras in catalogs today.”Those are much more affordable, with prices close to that of a $65,000 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser Series 40 or $30,000 1990 Lotus Esprit. And watch for Porsches and Aston Martins in general—both have seen drastic increases in the amounts sold this year over previous years. The number of Aston Martins on offer this year alone has catapulted 530 percent, from three in 2016 to 19 this year.

Source: These Are the 10 Cars to Watch for at the Amelia Island Auctions

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