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Just imagine, if they’d been carrying their guns instead of having to retrieve them from vehicles, a little girl might still have her colon intact, and another girl might still have use of her hand. Gun control hurts little girls.

  • Juan Carlos Nazario, 35, and Bryan Whittle, 39, stopped the Oklahoma shooter 
  • Shooter Alex Tilghman, 28, shot at random into a restaurant on Thursday night
  • Nazario and Whittle were nearby and raced to their cars to retrieve their guns 
  • Nazario fired two shots at Tilghman when he refused to drop his weapon
  • A female military veteran and two young girls were shot in the attack
  • Natalie Will was grazed on her upper arm, while daughter Syniah was worse off
  • The 12-year-old had two holes in her bowel and had part of her colon removed
  • A 14-year-old friend of Natalie’s other daughter may lose use of her hand
  • Alex Speegle was shot in the collarbone, upper arm and bullet hit a nerve in hand
  • Tilghman was licensed to carry a gun as he was an armed security guard 
  • The NRA have said Nazario and Whittle were two ‘good guys with a gun’
  • They say stricter gun control would have prevented them from stopping shooter

Source: Pictured: ‘Hero’ armed civilians who shot dead Oklahoma mass shooter | Daily Mail Online