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In a prior post I used the Cascade Mall shooting to point out that concealed carry CAUSES gun free zones. A few days ago I heard about this despicable sheriff, who “sticks by his guns” (i.e., stupid policy against off-duty carry) even after experiencing utter defenselessness in a situation where his gun might have saved five lives. Stupid, pitiful, anti-gun sheriff. How could such a policy possibly square with the right to carry enshrined in Washington’s state constitution? If open carry were socially acceptable and commonplace, how do you think the public would react to a sheriff who did not bother to carry when others did?

According to an interview with KOMO News, Sheriff Mark Brown was playing a game on his phone while his wife was shopping in Macy’s. Sheriff Brown heard a series of pops, and observed a clerk run by telling people to leave the store.

“When I realized the clerk was moving through, I reached for my hip and realized the situation I was in,” said Sheriff Brown referring to the the fact that he was without a gun. “The expectation people have on police officers in these situations is that they’re going to immediately solve the situation and not having the ability to do that is certainly frustrating,” said Sheriff Mark Brown.

Source: Island County Sheriff Mark Brown Was Unarmed At Mass Mall Shooting – Blue Lives Matter