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The LA Sheriff’s Department released a video on preparing to survive when facing an “active shooter” (a term which could easily describe me and over 40 million other American target shooters, but in Orwellian govspeak refers to a crazy and/or terrorist shooter attacking a large number of civilians):

The LASD video is great in some ways and really drives home the need to be prepared, but it criminally ignores the obvious solution of arming citizens.  I mean seriously, they expect people to prepare to the point of making red “casualty cards” available and remember how to use those, yet will not trust these same people with arms?  That is just…insulting, on so many levels!   I feel so sorry for the subjects living under LA socialism.

The climactic moment in the video where the shooter shoots himself after cops point guns at him is more realistic than you might think.  That is usually how it goes down as these shooters, almost without exception whether crazy, terrorist, possessed and/or insane, hope and expect to die after taking as many lives as possible with them.  They do not want to live and will typically commit suicide when confronted by anyone with a gun.  Until that happens, they just keep shooting.  And because these shooters tend to pick venues lacking cops, an interesting fact is that of mass shootings that are stopped before the shooter is done shooting and (without being confronted) commits suicide, 75% are stopped by private citizens rather than police.

Imagine how short this video would have been if one of the victims had been armed.

If you live in Orange County, I have some good news for you: YOUR LIFE IS ACTUALLY WORTH SOMETHING.  Our Sheriff at OCSD is issuing carry permits quite freely (after a little prodding from the good folks at NRA).

Even if you live in LA and cannot carry where you live, you can still get a permit issued by Utah that lets you, as a Californian, carry in over thirty states whenever you travel to Free America.  And you can take the required class free at my office in Laguna Hills–just register for a free membership at and follow the instructions there to sign up.  There is no charge for the class if you first attend my free estate planning seminar and one of our free dry practice sessions.  (Our training uses realistic airsoft replicas, not real firearms.)

Another benefit of attending my free 1.5 hour estate planning seminar is that just for attending I will give you free training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

Watch this video and you will see why Front Sight is often called “the Disneyland for gun owners”:

If attacked, do you want to be Victor or Victim?
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